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Welcome to the Adobe SVG Zone. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an exciting new XML-based language for Web graphics from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

This area was created to give Web designers a taste of developing sites with SVG. Finally, there is a tutorials section that guides you through the basic steps to creating SVG content.

For links to the W3C and other Web sites outside this preview area, see the external resources page.

Getting started
Start the tutorials by first reading the Introduction.

Notes about release 1.0 of the Adobe® SVG Viewer (June 1, 2000)
Note that many of the demos and examples on this site will not work properly in Internet Explorer 5 for the Macintosh. This includes any interactive examples in the tutorials. Please use Netscape to view these particular examples. For more information, see the FAQ.
This release is based on the latest draft of the SVG Specification, dated March 3, 2000. The features contained in this release comply with that draft, but Adobe has not yet implemented all of the SVG specification. Adobe's intention is that future releases of the Adobe SVG Viewer will strive to achieve support for the full W3C SVG specification.

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