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Public articles on SVG
Doing it with SVG, part 1 (Web Developer's Virtual Library)
SVG brings fast vector graphics to Web (
SVG — What's in it for us? (
Sneak peek at SVG (Webmonkey)

Other SVG implementations
Chemical SVG
Dept. of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
XYZ Sistemas Industriales, S.A. with the contribution of Mike Gould
Mayura Draw
Mayura Draw's beta SVG exporter
Beta SVG Filter for CorelDraw
IBM's SVG Viewer written in Java 2.
CSIRO SVG viewer
The CSIRO SVG viewer uses Sun's XML parser.
Black Dirt
A WMF-to-SVG converter and a Java SVG viewer are under development at Black Dirt Software.
Ralph Levien is developing SVG support in Gnome, the popular windowing system for Linux.
Digital Applications, Inc.
SVG2PDF, converts SVG documents into PDF files.

Other SVG links
The SVG page
Register to be part of the egroups SVG developers list!
Concordia University
SVG Web site at Concordia's Computational Mathematics Lab.
The SVG page at Yahoo.
The SVG page at the dmoz Open Directory Project.
Sample SVG Animation.

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